Contrast and Compromise: A Hai & Pavel Roučka

Chinese - Czech Art Project
November 27, 2018 at 6 pm
Imperial Hall Lobkowicz Palace

Olbram Zoubek: Male and Female (torsi)

from a client's collection

David Černý: Cube Baby

from a client's collection

Anselm Kiefer: Pentateuch

from a client's collection

Georg Baselitz

With his sculpture Folk Thing Zero
From a client's collection

Kateřina ŠTENCLOVÁ: Paintings | 2007-2015

@ PALLADIUM Offices | April - September 2017

Milan CHABERA: City Moods

@ PALLADIUM Offices | November 2915 - March 2016

Blanka ADENSAMOVÁ: Glass Objects

@ La Corte | Petrská Street 2 | Prague 1

Eva VLČKOVÁ & Petr VLČEK: Glass Sculptures

Conference Room


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Jitka Anlaufová: Divný květy @ Galerie U Prstenu

Exhibition opening on February 5 at 6 pm. Don't miss out on it!

Jan Šácha @ PALLADIUM lobby Na Poříčí!

Click on the headliner for more details about these two beautiful sculptures we've just installed in PALLADIUM.

Interview with Elen Michajlová about the interior design of her house...

... in Prague - Ďáblice which she decorated herself. Read!

Introducing ►ELEN MICHAJLOVOVÁ◄ and her kaleidoscopic world!

Bringing you an exclusive interview with the artists (Czech only) to shorten the waiting time for her exibition opening...

Interview with Jitka Anlaufová

... to give you an insight into the life and work of the prominent Czech painter. Full text in Czech only at our Tumblr.

Jak bydlí Maya Lukas...

... korporátní kurátorka, operní pěvkyně a srdce a mozek společnosti CumArte? Přečtěte si rozhovor na serveru


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