Art at the Office

Investing in art will surely pay off! Having a tailor-made corporate art program counts among the essentials of a thriving, successful business. Therefore, countless corporations have established their own art programs supporting the following goals:

  • image making and embodying corporate identity 
  • enhancing working environment
  • supporting marketing strategy 
  • forming partnerships between art and business 
  • forming corporate collections as long-term art investment

Art Exhibitions for Office Buildings

Corporate world has given rise to new perspectives on art and its singificant role in lighting up everyday life at the office. Using communal areas in office buildings for exhibitions of contemporary art has become a must-have trend. Artworks, whether displayed in lobbies, entrance halls or corridors, enhance the working environment beyond ordinary. Moreover, such exhibitions also provide en excellent opportunity to artists looking for presenting their works of art to the audiences outside galleries.

Team CumArte regularly organises new exhibition projects according to requirements of office building owners and their tenants. These art programs have gained immense popularity among our clients' tenants and visitors.

Art Leasing for Offices

Team CumArte arranges art equipment for office spaces. Companies may lease or purchase selected artworks. Art lease is stipulated for a fixed period of time, and its terms and conditions are custom-tailored to client’s individual needs and limits. At the end of the original lease term, the lease may be prolonged, changed, or terminated. If the company decides to purchase any of the exhibited works, the leased amount may be deducted from the actual price of the artwork.

Corporate Collections

Purchase of artworks may be a profitable long-term investment. Well-informed corporations buy artworks systematically, thereby creating their own valuable collections. The continuous demand for certain artworks may increase their price, thus making the corporate collection more valuable in the long term.

CumArte offers advisory and consulting services for the purchase of artworks for existing or emerging corporate collections.

Corporate Commissioning

Important parts of CumArte’s services include coordination and management of commissioned art projects. Commissioned works, specifically created for a particular space by especially selected artists, are often situated in public areas of a working environment - in lobbies, atriums, passages, courtyards, plazas, restaurants, streets, and parks.

The complex process of commissioned artwork planning and execution involves many people: artists, architects, construction engineers, developers and investors. The execution of such a project and its installation may last several years. The process is, nevertheless, absolutely worth it. The commissioned artwork becomes part of the final architectonic solution, making a particular building space more spectacular and appealing.


Passage Lighting (1996-2014)

This unique site-specific passage lightning was created by the famous Czech glass artist René Roubíček in 1996.

The Passage Lightning was sadly removed by the new site owner in 2014.

Passage lighting, executed in 1996, removed 2014

Media: stainless steel, glass, and lights

Production: Studio Šimánek


Lobby Sculpture

Famous Czech glass artist René Roubíček created this commissioned sculpture site-specifically for the lobby of the building.

Fountain, executed in 1995 

Media: stainless steel, glass and lights 

Production: Studio Šimánek



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